One Life Is Not Enough – An autobiography of K. Natwar Singh.
An account of a life of epic proportions, a symphony unorchestrated, extroverted and humbling at the same time, beautifully drafted and an enjoyable read


What do you think?


Dear routine,

Happiness is..
No alarms
No to-do list.
No numerous failed attempts to force open eyes late at night.
No coffee compulsions.

Putting behing everything that you can find in a mayhem.
Organising the chaos.
Being “present in the moment”.
Silencing the wars inside the head.
A clear horizon — nothing to worry about on plate.
A Ridiculously high sense of self importance.
A sense of incredible calm.
And a bit more.

Will someone please tell the exams that they are over?
The day begins at 9:00 am and so does the great struggle: wake up or go back to sleep.

I think there is no cosmopolitan panacea for a lunging motion out of the bed. It depends on the way I would want to spend the following hours.

I could spin health, pleasure, peace, travel living on 24 hours of the day or I might just relax in bed and never leave the room.

But life requires of me both the solitude and sociability.
So, unenthusiastic enough, I move out of bed very slowly, take a brief shower followed by the extreme sacrifice of getting dressed.

But lodged in my brain is the idea that somehow it rains today not just because I get to sit back at home but also beacuse I love love love rain. It transforms the entire scene into something that is seldom seen – mysterious and magical.
But the sun has begun to set in a little early bringing with it the nuances of winter and I am less than half prepared for it. The mornings will be as dark as the nights and the north winds will send a shiver down the spine. So if you don’t lounge around atleast on a cold winter Sunday, you’re doing it wrong.

Well, atleast I have been sleepwalking throughout the day (and life these days).
In pursuit of the fun of life.